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mixed use property. developments & title schemes




Over the last couple of years as the State Government’s policy of urban consolidation continues to
restrict the release of new land beyond the existing suburban fringe, developers are being encouraged
by local council’s to develop existing sites whereby mixed use development is possible.


Mixed use development is where a new building may comprise of residential, retail and commercial units,
and or any combinations of these. As a result of this, the issue of mixed use title schemes plays an
important part of the development process. Geometra Consulting is able to offer a developer consultancy
to determine the best way of subdividing the development via a stratum subdivision (Torrents Title
Subdivision) and then strata subdividing the individual Torrens lots into separate strata schemes.


Geometra Consulting also provides consultancy for issues of Building and Strata Management Statements
and also Developers By Laws for this kind of development.


We have a sound working relationship with legal practitioners who specialise in the preparation of these Management Statements and By Laws, and contacts with Private Strata Certifiers. We are able to project
manage, prepare Development Applications for lodgement to councils, prepare the required survey plans,
liaise with councils, legal practitioner’s, certifiers, Sydney Water coordinators, lodge the final survey plans
and accompanying documents (via electronic lodgement (Eplan) to the office of Land and Property
Information for final registration.