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Geometra - Land Surveyors - Development Consultants
who we are

Geometra Consulting is a long established land survey and development consultancy firm supported by
current technology in the collection and processing of survey related site data and the preparation of
survey plans and printing of final plans including the electronic lodgement of survey plans and accompanying documentation (Eplan lodgement) with the Office of Land and Property Information (LPI).


The firm caters for a wide variety of construction, civil engineering, residential, commercial, industrial,
large and small scale projects.






This practice was established by Surveyor Holger Beuthien in 1982, operating out of his home in Oyster Bay.
The business grew to a point where an office was opened, along with Surveyor Stuart de Nett, in Sutherland
in 1996, and the company name was changed to ‘Beuthien de Nett Land Surveyors’.


In 1999 the company acquired the surveying practice of B. H. Burgess & Associates (Oatley).


Surveyor John Bottaro joined the practice in the latter part of 1999, and become a Partner and Director
of the firm in July 2002.


In January 2006, the company name was changed to Bottaro de Nett Land Surveyors. In September 2008
Stuart de Nett left the practice.


January 2009 saw the company move to a new office in the Sutherland area and accompanied by a
change of name to ‘Geometra Consulting Pty Ltd’. Geometra is the Italian/Latin word for ‘Land Surveyor’.


In January 2012 Geometra Consulting’s office was moved to Bankstown, where we look forward to
continuing to provide quality land surveying and land development consultancy work.


John Bottaro, B. Surveying (Hons) UNSW, Registered Land Surveyor, MIS (NSW), is the current director
of Geometra Consulting Pty Ltd.


Holger Beuthien, Registered Land Surveyor, is now a consultant to the business.